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Lakeview Senior College

Respect | Responsibility | Personal Achievement
Respect | Responsibility | Personal achievement
Lakeview Senior College
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Whittlesea Primary School

Lakeview Senior College Values


is demonstrated by:
  • Honesty, mindful decision making and positive actions
  • Taking ownership of personal learning and growth
  • Organisation, management and goal setting
  • Modelling and encouraging positive behaviours

    Personal Achievement

    is demonstrated by:
    • Persistence, risk taking and achieving goals
    • Maintaining high expectations of self and others
    • Seeking feedback to improve learning
    • Taking pride in achievements


      is demonstrated by:
      • Appropriate communication, actions and inclusive relationships
      • Taking pride in our environment (grounds, classrooms, resources, community)
      • Acceptance of differences
      • Individuals actively upholding a safe, secure and supportive environment

      Latest News

      Nikita-Jaye Faoa of 11J

      Nikita-Jaye Faoa of 11J

      Nikita received an invitation to trial for the Melbourne Storms Development in hopes of being part of the first Melbourne Storms NRLW team. She is also selected in the 2024 NRL Victoria U16s Schoolgirls Squad. Competing at the ASSRL U16s Schoolgirls National...

      School Tour

      School Tour

      There will be a school tour for potential new enrolments at 4pm on Wednesday 22nd of May.