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Lakeview Senior College

Respect | Responsibility | Personal Achievement
Respect | Responsibility | Personal achievement
Lakeview Senior College
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Whittlesea Primary School

Lakeview Senior College Values


is demonstrated by:
  • Honesty, mindful decision making and positive actions
  • Taking ownership of personal learning and growth
  • Organisation, management and goal setting
  • Modelling and encouraging positive behaviours

    Personal Achievement

    is demonstrated by:
    • Persistence, risk taking and achieving goals
    • Maintaining high expectations of self and others
    • Seeking feedback to improve learning
    • Taking pride in achievements


      is demonstrated by:
      • Appropriate communication, actions and inclusive relationships
      • Taking pride in our environment (grounds, classrooms, resources, community)
      • Acceptance of differences
      • Individuals actively upholding a safe, secure and supportive environment

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