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Lakeview Senior College

Respect | Responsibility | Personal Achievement
Respect | Responsibility | Personal achievement
Lakeview Senior College
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Lakeview Senior College Values


is demonstrated by:
  • Honesty, mindful decision making and positive actions
  • Taking ownership of personal learning and growth
  • Organisation, management and goal setting
  • Modelling and encouraging positive behaviours

    Personal Achievement

    is demonstrated by:
    • Persistence, risk taking and achieving goals
    • Maintaining high expectations of self and others
    • Seeking feedback to improve learning
    • Taking pride in achievements


      is demonstrated by:
      • Appropriate communication, actions and inclusive relationships
      • Taking pride in our environment (grounds, classrooms, resources, community)
      • Acceptance of differences
      • Individuals actively upholding a safe, secure and supportive environment

      Latest News

      General Achievement Test (GAT) – 15th June 2023

      General Achievement Test (GAT) – 15th June 2023

      All Senior VCAL, year 12 VCE students and year 11 students undertaking a year 12 subject will be sitting the GAT on the 15th June at Lakeview Senior College. This exam is sat by every year 12 student in Victoria. No classes will run on this day to ensure the smooth...

      Year 12 Big Day Out

      Year 12 Big Day Out

      Big Day Out for 2023 was held at Lake Dewar. Our day at Lake Dewar provided the opportunity to cultivate connections between staff and students that are an important part of Lakeview’s culture. Our Year 12s engaged in various activities during the day, supporting each...

      White Card & First Aid Training

      White Card & First Aid Training

      AGA are pleased to announce that they are able to offer white card / first aid training to schools onsite, see attached flyer. If you would like to book either your students or teachers, please email lakeview.senior.co@education.vic.gov.au with your name and proposed...

      Upcoming Events


      May 23rd
      Melton Careers Expo Year 11 VM students

      June 15th
      General Achievement Test (GAT) – 15th June 2023