1 May 2020 - Letter to Parents & Cares

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding with the frequent communications surrounding our arrangements during this period of remote learning. We are very pleased with the way that our students, staff and parents and carers have adapted to this significant change. Thanks to those of you who were able to complete our recent survey, the results of which highlighted our successful transition to this new way of learning and teaching over the last two weeks.

Changes to the next two weeks

Our surveys of staff and students have also been overwhelmingly positive but revealed the issue of workload which we will address in the next two week period. To support student and staff wellbeing across this period of time we will be changing our normal two hour double periods to one hour single sessions as a trial in all Year 10, Year 11 and 12 VCE classes.

Year 12 VCE

Year 12 VCE staff may choose to continue to support small groups of students in the second session of their double but there will be no expectation that staff or students will utilise this time in this way. No new work will be covered in this second session.

We believe that this reduction in face to face time online will give students, staff, parents and carers some breathing space to better support their wellbeing at this challenging time. This time away from the screen can be used to exercise, take a break, catch up on other work and also support the learning of other siblings.


As our VCAL students are only “at school” for 3 days a week, there will be no change to the normal scheduled classes for these students. We have merged all VET Business classes into 1 team and VET Creative classes into 1 team, allowing team teaching and maximum aide support. The VCAL team feel that this current timetable will give our students significant advantages in the areas of employment and training at the end of the year.


Take care all


Shayne Rule


Lakeview Senior College.