Student Wellbeing Support

We will continue to support the wellbeing of our students. Our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Team are available until 3pm Friday. They can be accessed via email. Their email addresses are listed below. They are also able to follow-up student emails via mobile phone calls if required.

We will also be able to support the wellbeing of students over the two-week holiday period. We ask that students contact Dr Michael Gruis, our Assistant Principal, who oversees the Wellbeing and Engagement Team and he will coordinate appropriate wellbeing support, with our College Psychologist, over the holiday period. We ask that you please look after yourselves and one another during this challenging period.


Assistant Principal - Michael Gruis:

Leading Teacher - Natalie Panousieris:

College Psychologist - Monica Dennis:

Year 12 Student Wellbeing Coordinator - Anteneh Belachew:

Year 11 Student Wellbeing Coordinator - Kirsten Flavell:

Year 10 Student Wellbeing Coordinator - Jane Williamson: