16 March 2020 update

16 March 2020

Hello parents and students,

The latest advice to schools from The Education Department is that we will not be closing in response to Coronavirus. The situation & advice however is changing daily. Please be prepared for daily updates from me this week.

Lakeview is taking all necessary precautions in regard to keeping our school clean and in encouraging students to practice 'social distancing' - that is keeping a reasonable distance from each other and not touching each other. Washing hands, sneezing into your elbow or a tissue etc...this information is being posted all around the college.

Staff are keeping an eye out for any students who may be feeling anxious during this unprecedented time and well-being support is available when needed.

If you are keeping your child at home on the basis of illness/medical advice - please be aware that learning is continuing at Lakeview. Our work is accessible via Office365/OneNote sites and can be accessed by students - students can also be emailed work if their class does not have an individual OneNote page. Students without internet at home will be supported with access to curriculum materials. Please contact the school should you not have access to the internet at home. In the event of school closure - staff will be available each work day via email to support student learning & OneNote sites will be updated with additional work throughout any school closure period.

In the event of a school closure - there will be NO formally assessed work completed online however. Assessments must occur at school under teacher supervision - these will take place upon our return to normal routines.

If your child is unwell - do not send them to school. Any student presenting to sick bay feeling unwell will be sent home. Please let us know if you are keeping your child at home.

Please find attached the latest advice from the government about school closures in Victoria.


Thanking You

Shayne Rule Principal

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