Declaration of Election result and Call for further nominations for School Council

At the close of nominations I had received 6 parent nominees, 4 DET employee nominees and 2 student nominees.

As the number of nominees does not exceed the available positions, I hereby declare the following nominees elected:


Parent Category – 1 year – Colleen Vella, Sini Margaritis, Renai Holland

Parent Category – 2 year – Cameron Davey, Nese Hakki, Claire Hudaverdi

DET employee category – Trudy Kennedy, Frances Sidari, Jennifer Warne, Michael Gruis

Student category – Daniel Phan – Year 12 & Isabella Schilders – Year 10


We still have 2 vacancies remaining in the Parent category. Please do not hesitate to call me on 9219 3100 if you would like to discuss nominating for one of these positions.



Shayne Rule