"Principal for a Day" Program

Lakeview staff and students enjoyed spending time with Cr Steve Abboushi, the Councillor for Cambridge Ward, as part of the “Principal for a Day” Program.

Our school captains, Hayden Davey, Bellicia Seminiano, Caitlyn Percy and some of our student voice leaders Jess Peters Rodriguez, Victor Lusdoc, Caitlin Mondello, Jordan Si Tu, Veronika Verbitskaia, Vichelle Welding, Angus Muir, Haneen Farah, Isabella Schilders revised their constitution with Cr Steve Abboushi and passionately discussed the importance of collaboration in creating positive change and growth within our community.

Cr Steve Abboushi also visited a number of classes and Caleb Thomas and Paul Kogioumtzis enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their expertise in Robotics.