Lord Somers Camp: Gabriel Ulbegi

Gabriel Ulbegi

Lord Somers Camp was an immersive experience for me and for the rest of the 99 boys who went. We learnt a range of important things that have greatly impacted upon our lives and our ability to support those around us. When I first arrived to the camp I thought the experience would just be normal, just a normal camp where all we would do is walk around in the wild, go hiking and potentially just play some games and sit around a camp fire and have marshmallows. I was mistaken for thinking that. Lord Somers Camp was a camp which enabled 16 year olds to 18 year olds see that in life you have to “Play The Game”. We learnt how to lead in life and how to succeed in the future. The camp has given me more confidence within myself and I now feel that I have the strategies I need to achieve my dreams. At the camp there were 5 teams, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Green and each house had a mascot for them. I was glad to be a part of the Yellow Group and to be call a Gryphon upon the rest of the other 19 guys in my group who I call great friends to this day. We competed against all of the other Groups in games such as Tug of War, Tunnel Ball, Military Courses, Iron mans and etc. I was proudly called up at the end of the day to receive Yellow Group’s 3rd place badge. The camp was tough at times as it challenged us to take risks and step outside of our comfort zones and I ended up with some injuries and cuts due to my competitive nature. But the purpose of the camp was to teach us that in life, we have to play the game and that the game is not easy nor fair but that we have to tackle it head on. And I now know that I have the courage and skills to do this. I am so grateful to the Caroline Springs RSL who sponsored me and made all of this possible. Their support has enabled me to experience something that has changed my life and made me a stronger person.