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*** Exciting News from the Elite Football (AFL) Academy ***

We are very pleased to publicise that many of our current and former students have had recent success in their football careers. Four of our current students have been listed in the Western Jets Under 18 TAC Cup squad. These students are: James Harrison, Jaycob Hickey, Jayden Murdoch and Josh Webb. This is an outstanding achievement as this is the premier junior football competition in Victoria. A special mention needs to be made to Jaycob Hickey who has been named Captain of the 2015 Western Jets team and has been named in the Victorian Metropolitan Under 18 squad.

We are also proud to announce that former students Brandon Coletta and Jackson Volpato have been listed in the same Western Jets Under 18 TAC Cup squad.

Congratulations to all of these boys and we wish them well for the upcoming season. These students have been members of our Sport and Recreation program over a number of years that is led by Scott Korczynski who has developed an elite football program at our school.



The LSC Football Program is an elite environment that focuses on individual player development. It is centered on the development of the person and their ability to contribute to a team environment. The program offers students a unique opportunity to combine their studies whilst chasing their football dream.

Caroline Springs Lakeview Later year’s campus was established in 2006, with an enrolment of 120 students and 8 students enrolled in the Football – Elite Sports Program. The school has experienced rapid growth in a short period of time, in 2015 the enrolment at Lakeview will be 1000 students and there will be 50 students in the Football – Elite Sports Program. The school has a strong partnership with the TAC CUP u18 team club Western Jets with over two thirds of the students enrolled in the Football program are also on Western Jets u15, u16, u18 squad lists. Staff at the school within the football program, are qualified teachers and are also coaches at the Western Jets football club, they run the football component of the program. We also employ a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coach who looks after all the students / players fitness needs. As well as having expert staff, the school also has state of the facilities and resources, including one computer for every 2 students, Interactive Whiteboards in most classrooms, 2 indoor basketball facilities, football oval and access to Recreation Health Club. LSC fully supports students with both their academic and sporting endeavours.


A holistic approach to player development
Emphasis on individual player development within a team context
Coaches to work in partnership with TAC CUP club Western Jets


- Recognise high performance conditioning, skill training and playing as an integral educational
   tool and implement it as part of the students study
- To create an environment that is enjoyable, positive and fosters learning styles
- Contribute to the development of skills, physical attributes, football knowledge, personal growth
   and self esteem of players.
- Promote and enhance self discipline, goal setting, time management and leadership through
   team participation and team experiences.

Program Opportunities for Individual Student / Player

- Exposure to expert coaching
- High class training facilities
- Structured and sequential training session / programs – Football / Weights
- Regular feedback
- School football matches / competition
- Pastoral care and welfare linked into Football and Educational needs
- Western Jets links – AFL resources / related programs and contacts

Academic Student Expectations

- Prepared to work in all classes
- Follow teacher’s instructions
- Be punctual
- Respect other people
- Refrain from disruptive behaviour
- Complete Homework
- Attendance above 85%

Football Related Expectations

- Remain respectful to all staff, property and facilities we are privileged to encounter
- Understand that you will make mistakes, learn from them and support others,
   who make mistakes
- Accept your strengths and areas for improvement – don’t be afraid to ask
   questions if we are unsure.
- When we experience difficulties, whether form or personal, the staff will
   be approachable
- Recovery, maintenance, time management and routine will ensure we
   perform at our best
- Be prepared to be honest with ourselves and others.
- We have set standards and we will commit to those standards throughout
   the program.

Selection Process

A maximum of 20 players will be accepted at each year level of the program.
Students will selected on an individual case by case basis.

Criteria that will be considered in the selection of students into the Lakeview Senior College Football Program include:

  • Currently playing Football at a local club in sanctioned league (eg. WRFL, EDFL, RDFL)

  • Football Ability

- Western Jets Development Squads, Interleague Representation, Potential for development (eg. height, weight, playing experience)

  • Behaviour / Effort / Attitude

- We are not interested in chasing you and all of your problems / issues around for 6 months Eg Disrupting classes, not following instructions, not completing homework, failing subjects, not attending school regularly

  • References

- Year Level Coordinator, PE Teachers, Coaches, Reports

  • Interview(you, your parents, teacher / coach, ass principal)

- You will be required to bring your Semester 1 report from this year. You will be asked questions about your commitment and application towards your education and football


Honour Roll

AFL Draftee’s

Will Hoskin-Elliott pick 4 GWS 2011

TAC Cup Representatives

Sean Tighe
Victor Borg
Trent Rafferty
Kym Taylor
Jordan Mead
Will Hoskin Elliot
Keenan O’Shea
Ajdin Elkasovic
Anthony Piva
Mitchell Bongiovanni
Leigh Sobtinicki
Mitchell Appleby
Lachlan Hickey
Harley Armstrong – Weston
Jason Robinson
James Sicily

Western Jets u18 Best Fairest - Barry Round Medalist

Sean Tighe 2009 Winner
Jordan Mead 2010 Winner
Will Hoskin Elliot 2011 Runners Up (12 games)

TAC Cup Team of the Year

Sean Tighe 2009
Will Hoskin Elliot 2011

Brad Johnson u16 Representatives

Victor Borg
Trent Rafferty
Alyx Banistiotis
Will Hoskin Elliot
David Briscoe
Kym Taylor
Mitch Bongiovanni
Ajdin Elkosovic
Josh Matthewman
James Micallef
Keenan O’Shea
Anthony Piva
Brody Richie
Jason Robinson
James Taylor
Jayke Ewer
Harley Armstrong Weston
Liam Johnstone
Mitchell McLean
Josh Ryan
Andrew Saliba

Vic Metro Representatives

U18 Will Hoskin Elliot 2011
U17 Futures Squad Kym Taylor 2010, Ajdin Elkasovic 2011, Keenan O’Shea 2011, Anthony Piva 2011
U16 Kym Taylor 2009, Anthony Piva 2010, Harley Armstrong Weston 2011

All Australian u18 Selection

Will Hoskin Elliot

AIS Academy Representative

Will Hoskin Elliot 2011

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