Dear Parent/Guardian

The College has made a great start to 2021 as we finish this very hectic first term which was unfortunately interrupted again for 3 days as a result of Covid. Whilst this was frustrating for staff, parents and students the college was able to rely on the structures and processes that were well established in 2020 to ensure that student learning was able to continue.

Our tutoring program is up and running and we have 11 staff who are meeting regularly with students to fill in the inevitable learning gaps that occurred as a result of remote learning in 2020. It has also become very obvious that some students have found getting back into the normal routines and expectations of a school day quite challenging. It would be wonderful if parents and guardians continue to remind our students about the importance of arriving to school by 8.50, ensuring that their phones are left in their locked lockers and taking all of their necessary equipment, including a charged laptop to class and their diary to class every lesson. These are some of the fundamentals to learning success that some students seem to have forgotten about.

It is very important that we communicate with our School community about the outstanding results of the Class of 2020. 97% of this cohort were awarded their VCE and a very impressive 69% of our students received an ATAR of 50 or more and 19% of our students received an ATAR of over 80 which is our best ever result. Furthermore 7% of our students were able to achieve an ATAR of 90 or above which places them in the top 10% of students across the state and our study scores over 40 increased from 2.9% in 2019 to 5.1% in 2020. I am pleased to announce that the College Dux for 2020 is Ethan D’Souza with an outstanding ATAR of 98.3, closely followed by Lemar Rahmani and James Petrovski both with a score of 95.8, Caitlin Mondello with 95.45 and Toan Nguyen who received a score over 95.4. Overall, 17 students managed to score an ATAR in the 90s.

100 % of our Year 12 VCAL cohort successfully completed their studies and 85% of these students were able to complete a Senior VCAL certificate which is an outstanding achievement when you consider the hands on nature of the program and the 6 months spent in remote learning. Overall, our results continue to make us the most academically successful Senior Secondary College in the state and compare very favourably with surrounding schools in our area.

Outstanding VCE and VCAL results do not occur without the work of outstanding teachers. In congratulating the students, I also congratulate the teaching staff across the college for their work with and dedication to our students across a very challenging year. Collectively we had 18 subjects outperform their predicted scores which is another record high for Lakeview.

I have been committed to the implementation of our new Strategic Plan (2020-2023) as we examine what we teach and how we teach it but our focus during semester one this year will be on the Department mandated goals of Learning Catch up and Extension, Happy, Active and Healthy Kids and Connected Schools. Our staff continue their work in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs). These are small teams of teachers working collaboratively on matters directly related to learning and thus leading to higher levels of student achievement.

I would like to remind parents that our Year 11&12 Study Centre has been open from the beginning of the year and this new double storey building continues to provide our students with a fantastic environment to work in before, during and after school hours and also houses our Year 11&12 Co-ordination teams.


Finally, as we begin term 2 I would like to remind parents and guardians that students will need a school jumper and jacket to ensure they are warm across the cold winter months.


Kind Regards

Shayne Rule
College Principal