Year 12 Graduation


Thankyou for your patience in waiting for us to edit the year 12 graduation footage into a special package for you all. We are so proud of our students and hope that you enjoy watching this together and celebrating the amazing courage they showed throughout 2020. You can access and save the file by using the private unlisted video link to YouTube on Compass. Students can also access it via our student share files. We have attached directions to Compass to assist them with this. If you need any support please don't hesitate to let us know. As the ceremony was so long, we have also provided a timesheet to assist you in finding those that you love.


00:01 – Welcome, Principal address, School Captains address, keynote speaker
22:41 – 2020 Lakeview awards
59:17 – 9AM graduation ceremony (Ms Clark)
1:01:40 – 10AM graduation ceremony (Ms Clark)
1:13:57 – 11.30AM graduation ceremony (Ms Brooks)
1:19:49 – 12.30PM graduation ceremony (Ms Foley)
1:30:23 – 2PM graduation ceremony (Ms Doulis)
1:42:08 – 3PM graduation ceremony (Ms Furolo)
1:54:34 – 4PM graduation ceremony (Ms Furolo)
2:06:00 – Celebration video and photos